Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wrapping up finishing touches on SS Dresses

Ok here is the wrap up tutorials for the Angie dress from Scientific Seamstress . Here is the wrap up portion of the Plaid Angie dress with peter pan collar attached using the bias bind method. It works well even adding the collar. I would suggest basting the collar, 1/8 of an inch , then doing the binding to keep it from shifting.

Baste collar on using 1/8" seam allowance. Follow bias finish to have bias inside the garment instructions in your pattern. Then when you go to sew the other side down, flip the collar up and stitch along the outer edges, under the collar area.

Clip your curves before sewing down the inner edge. And take out the bulk at the side/shoulder seam to reduce bulk.

And thats about it! I gave the collar a good press and it stayed down. If you want, you can fold the collar down and edge stitch it in place.I found after I washed and dried it, the collar needed a good press and then was fine.

Ok now the flat ribbon tutorial. Make your sash per instructions in the Angie pattern. Then make a second one half the total length. Finish all edges. Then you are going to lay it out and figure your lengths desired.

I did three loops evenly spaced each end. Just play with it to see how big you want it. Then take the middle section, do a half fold up, and bring the fabric down behind the back. Then tack it down with a few hand stitches thru the middle. Also tack down the bow ends one or two stitches to keep the bow from falling forward when worn.Do not tack thru the very top layer of the bow ends, just thru the bottom of the top end thru the back.
Once you are done tacking down the middle and thru all bow end layers,dont go thru the very top bow end layer, you can wrap the fabric end around to the back of the bow. Slip stitch it closed, and then attach to the sash middle. And there you go! a flat bow sash belt for a dress or tunic!

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