Friday, May 11, 2012

Flats/Handwashing Challenge

So I bought a clothes line dryer for the handwashing/flats challenge. It is May 21st thru the 26th. Look up Flats/handwashing challenge if you want to participate. :) But basically you can use flats and covers for diapering your little ones, and handwashing only, no washer no dryer for a week. Simple and easy right? So I figured flats would be handy for our July trip to Granma's house and my nifty new dryer folds up and is portable to go with us for camping trips! My boys were intrigued by the new contraption in our yard. Logan was commenting about the OLD FASHIONED dryer, lol. I grew up with clotheline drying and tub stomping to do our laundry. So for me, it was old hat. But the clothepins and the lines were a novel idea to the boys. I think this challenge is going to be interesting for us as a family. :)