Saturday, June 23, 2012

Snap on Serger scrap Bag Tutorial

I made the sewing caddy using this tutorial from How Joyful.

But as I serge alot when I make diapers, and make a huge mess. I decided to craft a lil serger scrap bag that snaps on with KAMsnaps so I can help keep my pretty sewing room, well PRETTY. :) Here is the tutorial for the serger scrap bag. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you sell any ,just give me credit! Thanks! And if you want one really bad, you can send me a message and I can make one for you. Check out my Facebook page as well, Gaia's Treasures

List of materials: One rectangle, 14" long x 20"wide , of a contrasting fabric you used for your caddy.

one piece of corset boning- 12" long,

3/4" braided elastic 4 " long,

2- strips of fabric for the straps: 7" long x 4" wide,

4- KAMsnap caps,

2-KAMsnap sockets,

2- KAMsnap studs, coordinated to your fabrics!

Or velcro or other method of attaching your bag to your caddy.

Seam allowance of 1/2" on all pieces.

Step One: Cut your fabrics.

Step Two : make your straps. Fold in the sides about half an inch,and the top edge, pin then sew the long side and top edge.

Step Three: Fold your large rectangle into half, short side together, pin and sew or serge.

Step Four: Square up your end and make pretty:)

Step Five: Fold your bag bottom to make the square bottom. It should look like this, and as even as possible.

Step Six: Measure from the start of the corner to 1 1/2 inches down. Mark with your tailors pen and then use your ruller to draw a sewing line. Sew the corners, and cut off the excess leaving about 1/4 seam.

It should look like this:

Step Seven: Now onto the casing! Fold down the top layer 1/2 an inch and then 1" down again. Pin in place, using your pins to make a start and stop point. You need to leave a 1-2" opening to fit your boning into. Be sure to back stitch both starting and stopping points.

Step Eight: Insert the piece of boning into your casing. I find putting a lil tape on the end keeps it from catching on threads etc as you guide it in. It is stiff enough to push on thru.

Go across til you form a semi circle with the back seam centered and equal. Should look like this when you are done.

Step Nine: Attaching your straps. I use a box stitch anytime I do straps on bags. Its sturdy and I know it will hold well. Pin your straps and sew them in. BE SURE you do NOT sew over the boning. Your machine will not like it, no no no.... boning BAD for the machine....:)

Step Ten: Add the elastic between the straps. This will give you a good fit over the table edge from your caddy. I use a 3 step zig zag and pull ( with your needle down in the fabric) about 90% all out. Trim the excess.

Step Eleven: Add your KAMsnaps to the straps per their instructions, either with pliers or snap press. I did my studs on the straps and sockets on the caddy. For the caddy , I placed my straps with the studs installed, hard on my caddy about 1 1/2 " from the edge. and spaced about 2 inches apart. TIP: If you press down on the studs, it will leave a lil circle which you can then use your fabric marker to make a placment for your socket. You can use velcro as well. Just sew on a square of hook to the ends of your straps.

Step Twelve: place your wonderful hard working serger, aka "Sugar Baby" onto it's lovely caddy.... then bust out a dozen diapers, filling your new scrap bag up!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Flats/Handwashing Challenge

So I bought a clothes line dryer for the handwashing/flats challenge. It is May 21st thru the 26th. Look up Flats/handwashing challenge if you want to participate. :) But basically you can use flats and covers for diapering your little ones, and handwashing only, no washer no dryer for a week. Simple and easy right? So I figured flats would be handy for our July trip to Granma's house and my nifty new dryer folds up and is portable to go with us for camping trips! My boys were intrigued by the new contraption in our yard. Logan was commenting about the OLD FASHIONED dryer, lol. I grew up with clotheline drying and tub stomping to do our laundry. So for me, it was old hat. But the clothepins and the lines were a novel idea to the boys. I think this challenge is going to be interesting for us as a family. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm dyeing this weekend.....

My husband laughs everytime I say this. He stop s and looks at me like i just grew a second nose. Then he gets it.... DYEING , not dying. haha.
Yes ,I have ventured into the realm of yarn and fiber dyeing. It's been one of the best crafts I have delved into.How did that happen you may ask? Read on , if you dare......

So I decided with the birth of the fourth clone trooper army member, AKA Sawyer. That THIS time we would do cloth diapers. My husband rues the day I found All he heard about was AIO, AI2, prefolds, covers, wash routines, etc. Yeah I tend to get a lil fixated.

Anywho, so I joined the site, met these awesome gals who sew diapers, taught me the ways of the diaper craft. And then I met the gals who knit/crochet soakers/longies/shorties to put over said cute lil diapers. Here is where my crafting compass went from just a knitter and seamstress to a knitting/crocheting/spinning/dyeing crazy woman. I went full on, opened a few online shops, sold to a local fiber shop. And it has been great! I love it! And I honestly think I got a good knack for it. So much so, that I put my nursing license on hold just to grow this lil business. I love the yarns, the fiber, the way color takes to it. I buy fat quarters of fabric to base custom colorways on. I have whole folders of pictures and paint chips stored on my 'puter to mull over. So yeah, I spend most of my weekend dyeing...... and sniffing the yarn and fiber.... but that is a whole 'nother post!