Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm dyeing this weekend.....

My husband laughs everytime I say this. He stop s and looks at me like i just grew a second nose. Then he gets it.... DYEING , not dying. haha.
Yes ,I have ventured into the realm of yarn and fiber dyeing. It's been one of the best crafts I have delved into.How did that happen you may ask? Read on , if you dare......

So I decided with the birth of the fourth clone trooper army member, AKA Sawyer. That THIS time we would do cloth diapers. My husband rues the day I found All he heard about was AIO, AI2, prefolds, covers, wash routines, etc. Yeah I tend to get a lil fixated.

Anywho, so I joined the site, met these awesome gals who sew diapers, taught me the ways of the diaper craft. And then I met the gals who knit/crochet soakers/longies/shorties to put over said cute lil diapers. Here is where my crafting compass went from just a knitter and seamstress to a knitting/crocheting/spinning/dyeing crazy woman. I went full on, opened a few online shops, sold to a local fiber shop. And it has been great! I love it! And I honestly think I got a good knack for it. So much so, that I put my nursing license on hold just to grow this lil business. I love the yarns, the fiber, the way color takes to it. I buy fat quarters of fabric to base custom colorways on. I have whole folders of pictures and paint chips stored on my 'puter to mull over. So yeah, I spend most of my weekend dyeing...... and sniffing the yarn and fiber.... but that is a whole 'nother post!

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